W123 Mercedes Benz

W123 Mercedes Benz


  • 300 D Turbodiesel (125 Hp) Automatic (USA) 300 D Turbodiesel (121 Hp) Automatic (USA)
  • 300 D (88 Hp) Automatic 300 D (88 Hp) 300 D (80 Hp) Automatic 300 D (80 Hp)
  • 280 E (185 Hp) Automatic 280 E (185 Hp) 280 E (177 Hp) Automatic 280 E (177 Hp) 280 (156 Hp) Automatic 280 (156 Hp)
  • 250 (140 Hp) Automatic 250 (140 Hp) 250 (129 Hp) Automatic 250 (129 Hp)
  • 240 D (72 Hp) Automatic 240 D (72 Hp) 240 D (65 Hp) Automatic 240 D (65 Hp)
  • 230 E (136 Hp) Automatic 230 E (136 Hp) 230 (109 Hp) Automatic 230 (109 Hp)
  • 220 D (60 Hp) Automatic 220 D (60 Hp) 200 D (60 Hp) Automatic
  • 200 D (60 Hp) 200 D (55 Hp) Automatic 200 D (55 Hp)
  • 200 (94 Hp) Automatic 200 (94 Hp) 200 (109 Hp) Automatic 200 (109 Hp)
W123 Diesel Horsepower specs
W123 Petrol Horsepower Specs

The Iconic W123 Mercedes Benz

When I was a young boy my first impression of the car was not that good. I found it to be old fashioned and way past its time. As I grew older it started to look more attractive and for some reason, it reminded me of cars like Bentleys and Rolls Royce very prestigious.

Back then as a teenager, I found them to be good looking cars but with naturally aspirated diesel and 4 cylinder limo like cars with only 4 gears forward they still wear not that much appealing. at that time.

I have by now owned a few old Mercedes’s. with larger displacement and newer technologies. But guess what I own a W123 today a car I never though I would have ever owned

And it’s still slow even though the fuel-injected 230E was one of the “faster” models back in the day. I have also driven the 300D non-turbo and on the open road, I managed to achieve its top speed of around 100 Miles per hour. Setting aside it still had revs left on the engine but I believe it just could not get enough air into the engine to achieve anything higher than 100 Miles per hour. Sounded lovely tho that inline 5 cylinder diesel engine does have a beat of its own that is very very unique

My impressions of the W123 Series Mercedes Benz.

I think it will become a collector’s item as they do in general seem to last forever. Engines are very trustworthy, not very fast by today’s standard and certainly not economical, to say the least. but build to last and drive till the end of time in most cases.

The suspension is also very well constructed as a lot of rural farmers bought these cars when they wear new because these cars could drive with a pickup off-road. High ground clearance and a suspension build that can take holes left right and centre ask me iv experienced this first hand.

It drives very well it feels bigger than it actually is it feels similar to an S class or even a 7 series Bmw.

setbacks are 90%+ of these cars have some sort of rust if they have no rust I can almost guarantee it has been repaired.

They tend to have underbody rust. beading rust and rust by the windows. also accumulating rust in the boot. they do not like you to try new oils the lifter tend to make noise on cold start on think oil very easily and a too thin oil will have continued lifter noises on operating temperature.

They are very particular to brake pads having changed 4 times brake pads in the period of 5 months due to brake noise I have yet to find a compound that works well as the original brake pad is Textar as is very hard to come by. in general this car is not for anyone but for those that it is for its simply put amasing.